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Past Events 2017-2018

Date : 31/05/2018

Sponsor: Parents Association & Student Council

Non Uniform Day

Descriptions : To show our  gratitude to the support staff,  student council and Parent Association  will be hosting a non-uniform day. For a small donation of QR 10, students may leave the tie and button-down shirt at home.

Volunteering: TBD

Side activities:

Art Night

Date: May 9 5:00- 7:00 pm

Sponsor: School & Parent Association

Descriptions: An event devoted to showcases the students’ art and musical accomplishments. Are exhibition combined with music recital. PA will serve refreshments.

Volunteering:  Art night poster competition ( till 25th of April)

Come and share your passion with us at QFISchool. If you have a hobby, a skill,        come and share it with us.

Side activities:

Earth Day

Date: April 22

Sponsor: School & Parent Association

Descriptions:  Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events in more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network

Volunteering: Plans are underway for this next major event. We are looking for volunteers to speak to classes or perform activities related to Earth Day.  If you have a background in sustainability or other environmental topics, or know someone who does, please contact us.

Talent Show

March  26/27, 2018

Parent association donated  cinema tickets as a price to the winners

(cost QR 770)

Snack Shack

March 13, 2018

Thank you for all of the volunteers who provided snacks  for today and  made the snack tables for the children such a success. We raised QR 3,265, which will go directly towards programs at school for the children. And way to go Lynxes!

 Special thanks to the volunteers  for the snack table Danielle, Hala, Ireen, Marianne, Melody, Merima, Najwa, Tess, Tiina

Sports Day /UNICEF Walk

Date: 14/02/2018

Sponsor: School & Parent Association

Descriptions: Students will be encouraged to do a walk for charity.  Funds raised will be according to the number of laps that a student makes.  All proceeds will go to UNICEF.  Further details will be provided by Class Teachers.

Volunteering: Volunteers needed to hand out water and stamp walkers' passports for the number of laps completed.

Side activities: -

Outcome: Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered to refill students’ water bottles and stamp their passports, for the UNICEF Walk.

Sports Day

Date: 15/02/2018

Sponsor: School & Parent Association

Descriptions: ECA providers along with others will organize various athletic activities for the whole school.  Activities will be planned for the entire day.


Side activities:

Outcome: Thanks are to the staff of Al Ahmadani Medical Center, specifically to Esther Plaza, who willingly devoted their time to teach the students about healthy nutrition and performed various activities and exercises.

Date : 20/01/2018

Sponsor: School & Parent Association

International Day

Descriptions: Celebrating QFIS diverse population, as  students along with parents and teachers  presents their different cultures by introducing food, customs, music, dance and many other

Volunteering:  -

Outcome: A memorable international day with participants from 33 countries and scouts, attended by more than 1000 visitors. We all enjoyed  each of the 13 performances ( 4 outside acts India, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt and  9 Parent/student acts, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ireland, India, Algeria, Qatar, Ireland, Tunisia ) and appreciated the  cosmopolitan vibe of the day.

Thank you QFISchool for the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful multicultural community.

Side activities: Food drive

Our volunteers will be accepting non- perishable food donations at the entrance, like Pasta, Rice, Canned foods, Long life milk/milk powder, Tea bags, Flour, Sugar, Oil. All foods will be given to

Outcome:  We had a fantastic response to our first food bank drive at International day. The generous donations reaffirmed our motto 'Kindness is a global culture' in a spectacular heart felt parade to our table at reception. The fundraising committee's very first food bank drive was an experience and enlightening!

Here's food for thought (please excuse the pun)!

  • Did you discover how much surplus food you actually have in your cupboards?

  • Do we shop for what we need or what we want in the supermarket?

  • Is our kitchen pantry full with food we 'may' use in the future?

  • And is popping into the supermarket seen as a luxury or necessity?

Yes, donating one bag of sugar, flour or rice has made a difference in someone's life.

Food collected in partnership with Wa'hab was distributed to less fortunate families.

These families have been identified by other organizations that work closely with Wa'hab. These vulnerable families are enduring financial hardship due to loss of income, and also low income earners who struggle on a daily basis.  Some are even suffering hardship after paying high bills such as school fees.


Donated basic food items for their pantry will alleviate some stress of trying to put food on the table.  Distribution by Wa'hab to these families is always carried out in a respectful manner and it is paramount the gesture is paired with dignity.


Thank you for taking up the opportunity to show the wider community of Doha that we at QFIS as a school community care and more importantly allowing our children to be grateful for all our blessings and being responsible with kindness. Special thanks to the QFISPA Fundraising committee members for organizing the drive, especially Maria, and Ireen, Marianne, Danielle and Fran

Wa'hab volunteers informed as that:

"Families and bachelors were benefited for Wa'hab with priority given to  families. In detail:

2 adults + 7 kids ( 2 months), 1 adult+7 kids( 2months), 4 adults+2 kids( 2 months), 2 adults +5 kids ( 1 month) and 2 more families ( 1 month)

Those who received our surprise gift had no words to say. Their smile itself reflects their gratitude towards us for this deed, which in turn gave an idea that they are the most needy among us."

Qatar National Day/Week

Date : 14/12/2017

Sponsor: Parent Association /Qatari Parents

Descriptions : In commemoration of Qatar's unification in 1878, is intended to maintain a knowledge and appreciation of Qatar's heritage.

Activities to celebrate Qatar National Day and to showcase the local culture.

Volunteering: Qatari parents are requested to contact Mr. Yassine Mezni   to plan activities for the day. PA is in contact with Mr. Yassine Mezni to provide extra assistance if needed.

Outcome: The international community of QFISchool celebrated the Qatar National day. Students expressed what they love about Qatar in their own language, best artworks were rewarded and educational material was granted  kids. The whole community together attended traditional festivities and enjoyed local delicacies. Many thanks to parent and staff volunteers for organizing this event especially to Alanoud Al Mannai, Hissa Al Emadi, and Hissa Al Thani and from staff Mrs Maymona, Mr Yassine, Mr Yasser, Mr Mohamed N, Mr Mohmed L, Mr Chaaban.

Descriptions: Activities organised by school faculty and staff  FOR THE STUDENTS ONLY to commemorate Finland's Independence Day.

Volunteering:  Finnish parents are requested to present Finnish-themed activities, e.g. about nature, culture, everyday life activities at classrooms in coordination with homeroom teachers.

Finland Independence Day

Date : 06/12/2017

Sponsor: School

Bake Sale

Date : 07/12/2017

Sponsor: Parent Association

Descriptions: While waiting for the parent-teacher conference, you can enjoy a sweet treat and a warm drink. This will be our first bake sale of the year. Proceeds will go towards the support staff at our school. Let’s show the support staff how much we appreciate the hard work they do for our children.

Volunteering: To make the day a success, we need your help! Please check out the following link to sign up for an item you can contribute .We are also looking for volunteers for Wednesday afternoon and throughout the day Thursday, so if you can donate an hour of your time, please let us know. For questions or volunteer information, please send an email to .

Side activities: Parent-teacher conferences

Outcome: One more succesful event for this year. From the bake sale of all the delicacies, our wonderful volunteers offered, we gathered QR 6,122 . Many Thanks  to Fran, Tess, Merima, Marianne, Ireen, Danielle, and Melody.

Proceeds will go towards the support staff (QR 200/ each) at our school, as a token of appreciation for  the hard work they do for our children.

Used Book Sale

Date : 23/11/2017 7-8:30 am (only parents) and 12:30-2:30pm.

 Location: QFIS Assembly Hall

Sponsor: Parents Association

Descriptions : Parents are invited to take part in the Parent Association Annual Used Book Sale. Books will range in price from 5-20 QR. Please note only parents and caregivers are to buy books for their children with the exception of students in grades 7 and 8. Find a book, find a friend.

Volunteering: We are looking for volunteers to help with setup the day before and selling books the day of the event.

Outcome: The Used book sale was once again a success. We managed to gather QR 5,230. Thank you Marianne, Maria, Danielle, Tonia, Tess, Kataline, Rania, Surieska, Hedaia, Soumia, and Hala. Special thanks to Ms Cheryl our librarian.

Character Day

Date : 23/11/2017

Sponsor: School & Parents Association

Descriptions : Students and staff are encouraged to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. Activities throughout the day will centre around promoting literacy.


Volunteering: Parents can volunteer to read to children in the classroom or library.

Costume Swap

Date : 08/11/2017

Sponsor: Parents Association

Descriptions : If you are looking for a costume for your child for Character Day, or looking to get rid of ones you already have, there is a solution! The Parent Association is organizing a Costume Swap  from 7:00 - 8:30 am at the school canteen. Anyone who brings a costume to exchange gets a ticket to be used to get another costume.  Otherwise, a payment of 30 QAR will be collected to obtain a costume.  Funds will be used by the PA to support various projects.

Other sources for costumes:

  • B Young- Dar al Salam Mall

  • Party Kingdom

  • Qatar Costumes- Old Airport Area, check Facebook page for renting

  • Doha Kids Costumes- check Facebook page for renting

  • or even better create your own homemade costume


Side activities: TBD

“I Green My School”  
Non Uniform Day

Date : 24/10/2017

Sponsor: Parents Association

Descriptions : To support the school garden project, the Parent Association will be hosting a non-uniform day. For a small donation of QR 10, students may leave the tie and button-down shirt at home. Won’t they be thrilled to wear their own clothing for the day! Donations will be collected in the classroom on the morning of October 24. All proceeds from this event will go towards acquiring materials for the school garden.

Volunteering: Class reps are asked to help teachers facilitate the collection of donations on October 24. Your role would be to co-ordinate with your child’s teacher a time on the morning of October 24 when you can collect donations from students and pass out “I Green My School” stickers to those who participate. This should take no more than 30 minutes.

Side activities:

Outcome: Thank you to all parents, students and staff members who helped to make the non-uniform day a success. With your help, the PA raised QR 6,427 for the school garden.

Security guard fundraiser

September, 2017

Thank you to the parents at QFIS, with your help we brought in QR 1,950 to help raise funds for one of the school security guards.

Parents Evening

Descriptions : Introductions of the school to new and returning parents

Volunteering: _

Side activities: Parent Associations booth. 17:00-21:00

Presentation/Enrollment  in Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) 17:00-21:00

Date : 12 September 2017

Sponsor: School 

Welcome to Doha

Date : 14 September 2017

Sponsor: Parent Association

Descriptions : New to Doha? Come to ask questions, and find resources and ideas for navigating and making the most of your time. “Old” to Doha? Come share your wisdom and warmth, and maybe learn a new thing or two All welcome!

Volunteering: _

Side activities: -

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