About Class reps

Class Rep Responsibilities

What is a class rep?

A class rep (CR) is a parent who acts as a liaison between the families and the Parents Association (PA) and the school. They play key roles in helping organize school and class events, building interest and keeping a good rapport between parents and the school. They encourage parents to engage in class and school activities as the needs arise. Being a CR is a wonderful way to get involved, make new connections and friends and feel part of the school community. Usually there are one or two CRs for each class. The tasks below can be divided and shared, if there are two reps. 


Parents  Association Participation

Throughout the year, the Parents Association will ask class reps to message parents about upcoming events at the school, usually through a class WhatsApp group. Each CR will be given contact information for families in their class, to ensure this process runs smoothly. Ideally, the CR will attend PA meetings, which will be held once a month. CRs will be given the opportunity to voice questions, concerns or bring forth praise from parents in their class in a constructive way with a view to improving the school community. Following each PA meeting, minutes will be circulated to the CRs to forward to the parents in their respective classes. This document will also be posted to the QFIS PA website under the section 'Archives'. If a CR is unable to attend a PA meeting, they should arrange for another parent to attend to represent the class. 



Helping the Teachers and Helping the School

CRs are responsible for helping classroom teachers facilitate class events. CRs must take direction from the teachers, who ultimately decide what kind of support they would welcome in the classroom. The PA is still brainstorming specific ways that parents might help support the school in this sense. Some ideas so far: Having parent helpers come in to read to the children, or a group of children once a week; Organizing special class events or celebrations; Assisting in organising class field trips, or other events. 


Helping the Families

CRs may also organize class social events for the parents to get to know one another, such as a coffee morning. CRs should make it a priority to help make new parents feel welcome, touching base with them throughout the year to ensure their family is transitioning smoothly into the QFIS community.


Important note

From time to time, parents may share concerns or issues with the CR that are better answered by school staff - the teachers or the Principal. On these occasions, the CR should feel comfortable redirecting parents to speak with the appropriate person. 

Checklist for Class Representatives


  • Communicate with Class Teacher and determine how the CR and Class Parents can contribute to the class throughout the year

  • Collect contact information for Class Parents through:

    • Personal contact during drop-off, pick-up, Parent Association (PA) meetings, classroom activities that include parents, e.g. Parent/Teacher meetings, field trips, etc.

    • Requesting the inclusion of CR contact information in the class weekly letter so that parents can contact CR

    • List provided by PA from website subscriptions and other sources

  • Form a group of the Class Parents (WhatsApp or other) and introduce one another

  • Ensure that information from the PA and the school is communicated to Class Parents

  • Communicate with other CRs from the same grade for potential grade-wide activities

  • Other potential community-building activities

    • Coffee/tea mornings/afternoons and social functions for parents to meet and greet

    • Playdates

    • Information sharing (relevant Doha activities, products on sale, etc.)


Important note: Concerns or issues about school matters are best addressed by school staff.  CRs can help by redirecting parents to speak with the appropriate staff person.